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My Back Injury

Apr 5, 2019


Created by Regen Health Technologies, the My Back Injury app uses the expertise of health professionals to offer treatments for back pain. These treatments include strengthening and flexibility exercises. It also offers treatments such as rehabilitation for back pain injury. It is available in the App Store.



My Back Injury app includes a way to identify injuries so you don’t have to. It also provides specific injuries information and injury treatments for many common back injuries. The ‘My Program’ feature allows you to save exercises that help in your back’s rehabilitation.

You can take it with you whenever you can also export the program to multiple devices to have it with you whenever you need it.”

Identifying Injuries

With the ‘Injury Identifier’ feature, you can scroll through a variety of injury descriptions to help figure out your specific injury. You are prompted to select your pain level to better assist the app with identification. You also are asked to select the symptoms most specific to your injury.

Specific Injuries and Injuries Information

Each injury breaks down treatment stages into the first 72 hours after the injury, 3-5 days after the injury, 7-14 days after injury, and 3 weeks after the injury. These treatments are backed by the qualified health professionals from all over the world. The information on your injuries also includes specific exercises that aim to benefit your particular injury.

My Program

The ‘My Program’ feature allows you to save the exercises that particularly help you with your injury. You can take it with you whenever you can also export the program to multiple devices to have it with you whenever you need it.

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