Treatment For Acute Back Pain

Treatment For Acute Back Pain

Treatment For Acute Back Pain

Let's talk about treating acute back pain where the pain radiates down the leg. And just to refresh, that's most likely on the basis of a ruptured disc. It may be on the basis of a cyst, which has been eyeing. It may be on the basis that the bone was tight, just like a tight pair of shoes that you are and you walked five miles in and started to hurt so that it may be from stenosis. But generally the first line of treatment for that is going to be an anti-inflammatory. Brace won't help you much with this. The packs probably won't help you much. And the reason is initially it's mostly the back pain, but generally the back pain then starts giving way to the leg pain. And so anti-inflammatories are going to be a reasonable start. And again, we talked about this under acute back pain that didn't radiate down the leg, but Ibuprofen in the form of new print and Advil, two pills, three pills, three times a day, maybe four times a day if things are bad and Aleve is two pills twice a day, which is Naproxen sodium. And again, remembering that what you want to do is if you have any major health issues, getting into your seventies, any kidney issues, you're going to definitely want to modify that. Talk with your doc before you're going to start that.

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Kurt Schroeder, MD


  • Certified by the American Board of Neurological Surgery
  • Chief of Neurosurgery at St. Joseph’s Hospital
  • Former Chief of Surgery at Tucson Medical Center

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